Armaggeddon Kalashnikov Ak – 666 SFX Gaming Keyboard


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  • The Water-Resistant Kalashnikov AK – 666 SFX Keyboard Comes with 9 Different Lighting and Adjustable Led Backlight Effects; the Keyboard Focuses on Ultra-Durable and Silent Keys for Increasing Your Gaming Needs and Anti-Ghosting Gaming Clusters for Enhanced Feedback; Its Long-Lasting and Easy-To-Retain Features Make the Product, the Ultimate Gaming Selection; the Device Features Full Size 3 Segment Multimedia Preferences; It Is Compatible with All the Versions of Windows OS
  • Keyboard Features: Multicolour Led Backlight, 9 Different Lighting Effects, Keyboard Backlight Key with Led Effects, 3- Segment Multimedia and Gaming Keyboard, 104 Membrane Silent Keystrokes Up to More Than 100000000 Times, 1.5M Ultra Durable USB Cable and Jack, Multicolour Led Backlight
  • Armaggeddon, gaming keyboard, plastic, Armaggeddon kalashnikov AK – 666 SFX `keyboard (black), the water-resistant kalashnikov AK – 666 SFX keyboard comes with 9 different lighting and adjustable led backlight effects. the keyboard focuses on ultra-durable and silent keys for increasing your gaming needs and anti-ghosting gaming clusters for enhanced feedback. its long-lasting and easy-to-retain features make the product, the ultimate gaming selection. the device features full size 3 segment multimedia preferences. it is compatible with all the versions of windows OS., multicolour led backlight, 9 different lighting effects, keyboard backlight key with led effects, full size, 3- segment multimedia and gaming keyboard, 104 membrane silent keystrokes up to more than 100000000 times, 1.5m ultra durable USB cable and jack, 2 years, pro gaming keyboards
  • 1 year Warranty